3 Ways to Completely Relax in your Bathroom

3 Ways to Completely Relax in your Bathroom

Your bathroom is generally the room that you can escape to after a hard day’s work, so you want to make sure that you can fully relax when you take that long, hot soak in the bath at the end of the day.


At Tile and Stone Online, we know how difficult it can be to unwind in a room which promotes chaos and feelings of unease, so if you are thinking of redecorating your bathroom, here’s our top 3 tips for making sure that you make the most of your bathroom.


1. Introduce Relaxing Colours


The best way to help your brain unwind after a long way is to relax in a room that doesn’t overload the senses with bright, vibrant colours. Even through these colours may be all the rage in designs for other rooms in the house, we think that having one room which you can retreat to and fully relax in benefits your state of mind.




Using neutral or muted tones will encourage your brain to relax and you will be able to enjoy your luxurious bath in peace. Here at Tile and Stone online, our Grespania tiles range contains some beautiful, natural looking, neutral tiles that can help your bathroom feel more comfortable.


2. Lighting Levels


Another aspect of design that you will need to think about is the lighting that you are going to install in your bathroom.


You want to make sure that the lighting is the right level for your room. Make sure it isn’t too dark as this can make your room feel gloomy and unwelcoming but it also doesn’t need to be overly bright. This can dazzle you and keep your brain from switching off and relaxing.


Lightbulb - iStock_000027573418_Medium


Nowadays, you can even find lighting options that simulate the flickering of candle light; who doesn’t enjoy a candlelit soak in the tub?


3. Keep It Clean and De-Cluttered


This isn’t so much a design based tip than a housekeeping one. We all know how easy it is for a room be become full of clutter and the bathroom is no exception.


Try to keep on top of anything that creeps into the bathroom from other rooms; make a stand and remove anything that isn’t bathroom related. Your bathroom will have a limited amount of space as it is without other rooms invading. It’s time to move those magazines and newspapers back to where they belong!




Try to keep on top of your cleaning routine, too. There’s nothing worse than looking forward to having a nice long bath only to discover a ring of mould in the tub. Regular cleaning leads to regular, relaxing soaks!


Implementing these tips and tricks will ensure that you enjoy your time in the bathroom. We think it’s only fair that the bath becomes the main feature of a bathroom again and that more people realise the relaxing properties that a well designed bathroom can have on the mind.


We have a wide range of different tiles to create various different atmospheres all around the home. If you are looking to revamp a room in your home and needs some beautiful, durable tiles, look no further than Tile and Stone Online. Get in contact with our fantastic team by calling 01539 741155 to find out more information on how we can help transform your home into an attractive, cosy place to live.

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