Spotlight On: Mosaic Wall Tiles

Spotlight On: Mosaic Wall Tiles

Mosaic tiles create an impact wherever they’re used, from kitchen splashbacks to beautiful bathrooms. These tiny ceramic squares, available in a wide range of colours and finishes, can be used in contemporary and classic design schemes, both as a highlight or to create stunning wall art.

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Mosaics: Ancient and Modern

The first mosaics were used as long ago as Mespotamia in the 3rd Millennia BC. Also known as tesserae, these tiny pieces of stone, ceramic or glass graced the floors and ceilings of ancient Roman villas, Christian churches and Islamic Mosques. A universal art form, mosaic has retained its popularity through to the modern day.

Modern Mosaics

Mosaics can be created from just about anything. Shells, pebbles and pieces of bottle glass can all be crafted into stunning mosaic designs. However, for most modern homes, tiny ceramic tiles are used to cover shower trays, create splashbacks, add interest to larger ceramic tiles or even create standalone patterns that use ancient techniques to create very modern works of art. Modern mosaic tiles are generally created from ceramic tile, glazed in a huge array of colours and finishes including metallics and mirrored.

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How to Lay Mosaics

Laying sheets of mosaic is relatively straightforward as mosaic tiles are generally available bonded to a net for ease of use. These are then laid identically to any other ceramic tiles and grouted once in place. Individual mosaic tiles are perfect for more creative projects, but are also laid exactly as if you were working with larger ceramic tiles.

Ways to Use Mosaics in the Home

The bathroom is the ideal place to get creative with mosaic. Their flexibility and ease of use makes them ideal for tiling around awkward taps and curves. For example, an oval bath tub can look stunning with a curved surround clad in mosaic. The bathroom is also a great place to experiment with colour either as an accent or to create an overall visual impact on walls and the floor, particularly when you use strong aquas, blues and greens. A kitchen splashback is also a great place to create stunning impact, particularly with metallics.

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If you’re interested in using mosaics to create visual interest in your home, Tile & Stone Online have a huge range of beautiful mosaics in different finishes and colours. Contact us today for more details.

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