Get the Bathroom Look: Hotel Chic

Get the Bathroom Look: Hotel Chic

Hotel Bathrooms; the epitome of sleek and opulent style. The bathroom in a boutique hotel is usually extremely luxurious, providing guests with the perfect place to wind down in a modern, yet practical way. The rich feel of sinking into a purely chic tub surrounded by perfect tiles and the added touch of class; you don’t have to wait till your next hotel trip, why not indulge at home?

These types of rooms think about longwearing and practical features, as well as the ultimate design trends all rolled into one. By following a few design tips, inspired by bathrooms, you can add a sleek, glamourous feel to your own bathroom.

Hotel Chic 1

Neutral Pallet

A fine finish, elegant fittings and accessories of a timeless nature are key. But not just this; a neutral pallet. By creating a room of natural shades and a limit of colours, can really enhance a feeling of relaxation and luxury. Being one of the most stylish, classic looks, it is equally one of the easiest to achieve.

By keeping clean and minimalistic, you can make your bathroom look classic, fresh and glamorous. Creating an illusion of more space is a factor of a clean, neutral hotel bathroom, so be sure to use clever storage methods, making use of the ceiling and floor space as well as clever use of mirrors.

Hotel Chic 2

Dramatic Monochrome

A dash of monochrome, or even full blown, can create sure boutique hotel style in your bathroom. If you want a sleek and luxurious style, but aren’t one for plain, neutral designs; this could be the design forward-thinking for you.

Adding an exuberant chandelier or candelabra is sure to add a designer feel and using the space wisely by adding a stand out roll top bath will make a statement in the room. You could even add a plasma fireplace or TV to the room to create an extra deluxe space. A decadent splash of monochrome will create a dark subtly feel; get some candles lit, put the fire on and sink into the bubbles. This is the making of pure bliss in the style of a monochrome hotel bathroom.

Hotel Chic 3

Add a Pop of Colour

Alternatively, instead of natural shades, from dark to light, why not add a pop of colour and brighten the room up? A lot of modern hotel bathrooms do this and adds lots of characteristics. By mixing neutral colours with a shot of colour, you can will create a super modern feel. A notable example is a feature wall. A lime green wall can create a light, breezy and zesty feel, and by adding mirrors you can bring extra light into the room, and create a fun, contemporary yet chic look. A bold wall can complement a floral design or a more feminine touch.

Hotel Chic 4

Mosaic Tiles

A spa like sanctuary can be easily recreated by using mosaic tiles. If you’ve ever visited a spa or a beauty retreat, you are sure to see the fittings counted in a delicate array of mosaic tiles. Mosaic tiles around a tub can create a classy focal point, whilst staying subtle and simple.  By mixing your tiles with a clean white paint you can create a bright yet serene backdrop for your bathroom essentials. Pair the mosaic with modern fittings, such as an egg-shaped bath, and you have yourself a modern and stylish hotel bathroom.

Hotel Chic 5

You are sure to remember that sheer feeling of luxury when you last visited a hotel room. That comforting and relaxing environment? Well, you can have this feeling of bliss in your own home; no need to venture out and spend money on luxury, when it is in your own abode. In principal, it may seem difficult to recreate a hotel bathroom in your home, but Tile and Stone are here to provide you with the perfect products to help you on your way.

Our bathroom tiles range in style to suit your space; from a monochrome black slate tile to recreate a passionate luxurious bathroom, to an elegant linear tile, to recreate a softer more neutral look.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team, who would be happy to help and guide you to recreate the style and bliss of a five-star boutique hotel bathroom.



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