Why We Love Neutral Bathroom Themes

Why We Love Neutral Bathroom Themes

Bathroom designs can come in a variety of different colours and styles, and although we appreciate that each person may have a different view on what looks best in their bathroom, there’s always one colour scheme that we can rely on: neutrals.

It’s a common misconception that a neutral colour scheme is quite bland and boring and we can agree that if done incorrectly, neutral colours can often make a room look washed out.

However, when done correctly, we’re constantly in awe at how elegant and fresh a bathroom can feel when incorporating a simple, neutral theme throughout. In fact, Porcelanosa tiles make the perfect choice for any neutral bathroom design while keeping the room from looking flat!

So, why do we love neutrals so much?


They Can Accentuate Your Furniture

Having a mainly neutral interior doesn’t mean that you have to have everything in the room from the same neutral palette of colours.

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Why not show off that elegant sink and bath by choosing a brighter colour and contrasting it with the pale, neutrals of your Porcelanosa wall tiles? The texture of these tiles will also help break the room up so it doesn’t look flat and bland – something which many bathrooms suffer from when choosing a light colour scheme.


They are Timeless

The neutral palette has never really ever gone out of fashion, especially in rooms such as the bathroom where relaxation is expected.

We don’t think there is any chance of it becoming unpopular anytime soon either as there’s no better colour palette which encourages relaxation of both the mind and body of an individual.

Contemporary bathroom


Neutrals will forever be a staple in the interior design world, and you’d be surprised as to how fast you can get bored of a vibrant, bold bathroom! It’s much easier to incorporate a splash of colour into a neutral-toned room than to tone down a room full of bright colours!


They Work for Any Design

Along with colour, there’s various different interior design styles to choose from when updating a worn out bathroom.

The beauty of a neutral based colour scheme is that it can be used in pretty much every single one of these with ease, making the room look elegant and more open – a must for smaller bathroom spaces which you feel could use looking a little more spacious than it already is.



It doesn’t matter whether you’re opting for a traditional, modern or vintage style in your bathroom, your neutral Porcelanosa tiles are sure to make your room look light, airy and elegant, no matter what look you’re going for.

So, if you’re ready to embrace the neutral bathroom revolution and want to get your hands on some of our beautiful Porcelanosa tiles, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today.

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