Open Plan Bedroom-Bathroom Ideas

Open Plan Bedroom-Bathroom Ideas

Our rooms are constantly changing in our houses. With more and more people opting for open plan designs, smaller rooms are slowly merging into other rooms, and at Tile & Stone Online, we think that the bathroom should be included in this innovative change!


For obvious reasons, we don’t want the bathroom to be a place to chat with the family like an open plan kitchen and dining room, as we’re looking for a private place of retreat. Merging your bedroom with a bathroom results in a room that promotes ultimate relaxation.


Promoting Wellbeing

Being able to coordinate the design of the room to incorporate both a bathroom and bedroom environment can dramatically increase that feel-good feeling.

Making the room light and modern will definitely improve your mood, as well as the ease of being able to take a luxuriously long bath. You’ll also be able to slip straight into the comfort of your bed while feeling like you have never left, thanks to the flowing design throughout both rooms.


Create Elegance

Tiles don’t have to be a boring colour. Our vast selection of Villeroy and Boch tiles promote a very modern aesthetic to make the room look vastly more elaborate. Gone are the days of boring, bland and overly shiny tiles. With a massive range to choose from, you can create a consistent modern touch throughout the design; where does the bathroom endand the bedroom begin?


Keep it Warm

One mistake that can be made when undergoing this transformation is that people tend to stick with cold colours for their bathrooms, and for a joint bedroom-bathroom environment, we want to keep the room feeling as warm as possible.

Use earthy colours such as browns, rather than cold colours such as greys, to make your room feel extra cosy and create a peaceful relaxing atmosphere.


At Tile & Stone Online, we are dedicated to helping you make these bold changes to give those dull and unloved rooms a luxurious and comfortable transformation. With a huge selection of tiles in various colour, styles, and materials, we will find the right match for your needs. For more information on any of our products, contact us today and speak to one of our friendly team members!


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