Dark Colour Tiles Bathroom Ideas

Dark Colour Tiles Bathroom Ideas

The bathroom is ideal for adding stunning luxury tiles to your home. Tiles offer low-maintenance options and personalisation with various styles and patterns. They are durable and can cope with a variety of temperatures and moisture. In addition, unlike other décor choices, a tile will stand the test of time.

However, what we rarely see is the use of dark tiles in bathrooms. Although white tiles look stunning and are the perfect way to keep your bathroom easy to stay in style, why not rock the boat a bit and try something more unique? We explore some of our favourite dark tiles and how you can use them to improve your bathroom style.

Add Depth to the Dark

Many people avoid using dark tiles, especially in the bathroom, due to the claustrophobic tones they can often provide, especially in smaller bathrooms. However, you can prevent this by adding volume to the overall presentation. Using wood effect tiles can not only add texture but give the feeling of levels to your space. This is perfect for homeowners trying to achieve a modern and luxurious aesthetic. Although you could use natural wood in a bathroom, it isn’t an ideal material. Wood swells with heat and moisture and requires a lot of maintenance. Instead, why not consider our wooden effect tiles from Woodmania? It’s the perfect way to a touch of character while maintaining the dark aesthetic.

Get the look – Range: Woodmania Tile: Ash Wood effect porcelain tile

Keep It Simple With Texture

Of course, when it comes to bathrooms, the simpler you keep it, the easier to keep up with the minimalistic style. Using the same tile throughout your space can achieve an endless look, making the space bigger and providing that spa-like feel. You can showcase the white fixtures and fittings using a darker tile. This works well with stand-alone white baths and sink units. With a blank canvas, you can style it however you like or keep it effortless, making it easier for guests to stay clean and tidy. Natural stone is ideal for this purpose, but unless you select a beautiful slate, you may wish to try stunning porcelain with added texture. It offers the same great style without worrying about maintaining a natural stone.

Get the look – Range: Bellacasa Niza Tile: Anthracite

Contrast With a Pop of Colour

Dark colours don’t have to style a room alone. In fact, by using a stunning white contrast, you can easily elevate your bathroom into a modern and stylish room. If you have a modest bathroom, you can use contrast to help elongate the feel of the room. By applying dark tiles to the floor and the wall opposite the door and adding white, you give the room an endless feel and use contrasting colours. In addition, by using white with black, you can provide the room with a timeless aesthetic which will never go out of style. Consider your accessories and fittings to add a pop of colour to the room. This style would pair perfectly with gold for a more royal effect or with chrome, and you can change the colour with bright towels and even wall décor. The opportunities are endless.

Get the look – Range: Grespania Siroco Tile: Grespania Valira Negro

Traditional and Polished

If modern and bold isn’t quite your taste, you can still use dark tiles to stay within the classic and traditional aesthetic. Using burnt terracotta as a base, you can brighten or darken any room. You can achieve the classic countryside style for a more conventional home with dark colours such as navy or forest green paired with a brown tile. Whereas if you wish to achieve a more Mediterranean style, you can pair it perfectly with creams and whites to transport you into warmer tones and take you back to that sunny holiday you may miss through the colder months. There is no need to worry about the tile being overbearing either, as using our stunning collection of the leading ceramic bathroom tiles in the UK, you can reflect any natural light coming in from windows on the polished finish.

Get the look – Range: Winchester Tiles: Winchester Elements Panorama Moor

Aquatic and Mosaic

The go-to colour for most bathrooms is blue. It gives the room an aquatic tone, which makes sense due to the nature of the space. Dark blue and navy tiles look stunning in a bathroom and can be styled in many ways depending on your chosen look. For example, these gorgeous blue mosaics can offer an attractive addition to your bathroom and can be dressed up with white for simplicity or paired with natural wood effect tiles to provide the room with a more laid-back and warm aesthetic. Our Ca’ Pietra tiles are a great way to add a statement wall or create an immersive bathroom style, offering guests the feeling of being submerged in beautiful blue waves. However you style them, you will surely add that WOW factor to your bathroom.

Get the look – Range: Ca’ Pietra Tiles: Statement Yoga Penny Porcelain Mosaic Deep Blue

Unsure of which tile suits your bathroom? As a specialist online tile supplier, we understand, which is why we offer free tile samples to our customers. After all, our tiles are not just a décor choice but an investment into your home’s beauty. Order online today and get started on upgrading your bathroom.

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