The Top 5 Kitchen Wall Tile Trends of 2022

The Top 5 Kitchen Wall Tile Trends of 2022

We love seeing what the years bring when it comes to tile trends. Each year brings new styles and designs which genuinely blow us away, and this year has been no different. From old styles returning to continuing with the classics, it really has been an exciting 12 months.

We explore some of the hottest tile trends we have seen this year for kitchens and how to achieve the look within your own home with our fabulous range of tiles for kitchens.

Beige is Back!

Beige is a beautiful neutral colour and provides the opportunity to dress it up with contemporary contrasts or keep it subtle and warm with pale shades and whites. It has been many years of grey and white interiors, and whilst it is still a trendy aesthetic, we are starting to see the return of beige within homes. Beige may feel reasonably dull, but contrasting tones can offer a modern but cosy appeal to any room.

Beige offers a blank canvas much like white but with a more inviting shade. It can look stunning with almost any colour and allows you to pair it with a range of natural stones for that classic and contemporary style. However, in a kitchen, it pairs perfectly with dark wood and undertones. Using darker shades gives a perfect warmth whilst achieving a modern look. For example, wood effect tiles provide all the warmth of natural tones with the easy maintenance of ceramic tiles. We predict this trend to continue to grow as we enter 2023.

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Add Some Texture with The White Brick Tiles

Mixing textures has been a common trend this year among homeowners. Adding texture to your kitchen offers the chance to add depth to your room, break up areas of your space and give the aesthetics a very stylish appeal. It gives a beautiful modern tone to the room, and you can be as daring or as subtle as you wish with this style.

Although plain white tiles don’t give much texture on their own, when installed on the wall of your kitchen, they can offer a subtle and innovative design. Consider using a different colour grout if you wish to add even more depth and characteristics to the style. In addition, this kind of design can be effective in both small and large kitchens, giving it a flexible appeal for any interior plan.

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Marble Providing Timeless Luxury

Marble has been a staple material for achieving a luxury appeal to any home, whether it’s a marble hearth surrounding your fireplace or a marble staircase for the height of sophistication. It has been a trend that has been around for many years, and for good reason. So why not get the same timeless style within your kitchen? Tiles are not just a décor choice but an investment. They will last for many years, so ensuring they stay within the style is essential, and marble does just that.

For this reason, they make perfect additions to kitchens. Marble is very versatile and can be used in several ways. Using it for your walls and splashbacks can provide your kitchen with a step up in class. A dark marble offers the chance to increase the sophistication in your kitchen whilst also providing a statement appeal to any room. However, if you choose a darker marble, use it wisely. Too much dark marble can make a room very dark and should be avoided in smaller kitchens. However, if you are keen on some beautiful patterns in dark marble, you could contrast them with some stunning lighter shades for a contemporary contrast.

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Embracing Rustic with Patterned Tiles

One of our favourite trends this year is the use of patterns to create a unique and personal style for kitchens. As an online tile supplier, we have an array of patterned tiles to suit every taste. So, whether you wish to be bold with coloured prints or add a subtle pattern to your exposed brick, we can guarantee that it will be a style that provides the WOW factor to every guest.

This style is excellent if it matches your personality. The advantages of this trend are that it gives complete customisation and provides your home with a statement look showcasing your personality. Working in various shades, colours and textures can make a kitchen feel authentic, especially if you incorporate natural elements with raw wood, slate, and limestone. The possibilities are endless with a rustic kitchen and add a sense of creativity to your home.

Daring Deeper Shades

If you want a unique and daring style for your kitchen, this year’s bold interior design choice is for you. Offer your kitchen a mysterious appeal with deeper and more unusual shades, such as stunning purples and even dark reds in your wall tiles. These tones are a great way to add ambience to your space, and strategically placed lighting could showcase the gorgeous shades of your kitchen tiles.

These tiles embrace a unique luxury like no other, and whilst we believe they can make a kitchen look incredible, they should be done carefully to prevent the feel of small and enclosed spaces. You could highlight these further by adding a bright white countertop to contrast the shade and prevent your kitchen from being too overpowering. Alternatively, if your kitchen has enough natural light entering and is reasonably spacious, you could pair these stunningly with darker marble tones for a moody atmosphere within your kitchen.

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With hundreds of tiles varying from natural and subtle to bold and beautiful, you can find the perfect tile for your kitchen online. We even provide a FREE tile sample service to ensure you get the right tile for your kitchen before committing. We only stock the highest quality tiles, so when you choose a tile from us, you are selecting an investment for your home, not just making a décor choice.

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