Be Bold: Stand up to Mould

Be Bold: Stand up to Mould

Whether it’s on your brand-spanking new Grespania tiles or on your old, worn shower curtain, mould is the bane of any bathroom or kitchen owner, constantly keeping you on your toes and playing the ever-losing cleaning battle. Well, we’re here to tell you how to combat the intrusive life-form and help you win the battle of the grime.



Know Your Enemy


Mould is a very similar colour to dirt, typically green, brown or black. As you will most likely be aware, mould is prevalent in moist areas with poor airflow, although mould is essentially omnipresent, floating around you in the air just waiting for a lovely wet surface to set up shop on. It’s not necessarily dirty bathrooms that develop mould, just wet ones.


Plan to Prevent


Due to the nature of mould spores they will always be present wherever there is water, lurking in the dark, damp recesses of your bathroom and kitchen. So, short of removing the plumbing from your room, the best way to prevent mould getting a grip on your kitchen is by taking measures to limit the amount of moisture floating around your room. Keep it dry; make mould cry.


Dirty bathroom shower
Air Your Room


If you air a room during and after a bath or shower you’ll find that the moisture on your walls and around your sink, or other key mould-targets, will have a better chance of standing up to pesky mould. By giving the mould little or no place to reproduce, you will seriously reduce the presence of it in your room.


Seal It Up


By applying a sealant to your tiles you are reducing the spore’s ability to take hold in your grouting and tiles. The beauty of a sealant is that while it limits the amount of places that the mould can make its own, it also makes the tiles easier to clean and wipe, furthermore aiding in the fight to fend off mould.


It’s important to look after your tile or stone, not just because they’ll look significantly better by having a glorious mould-free sheen, but because they will also last longer. Allowing any form of foreign body to take hold of your kitchen or bathroom tiles may mean that you are weakening them or their foundation and risk them becoming damaged.


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