Country Kitchen Tile Ideas

Country Kitchen Tile Ideas

For most, the kitchen is where they spend the majority of their time, whether cooking, dining with the family or socialising – thus making it very much the heart of the home and receiving the most traffic. When it comes to renovating your kitchen, there are many styles to choose from, modern and contemporary, traditional and cosy or smart and futuristic, and getting it right is essential.

If you are considering a country-style kitchen, you may have concerns about excessive wear on natural materials such as wood flooring and backsplashes. However, with our great range of tiles, you could still offer your home that quaint country aesthetic with a much easier-to-maintain kitchen that will stand the test of time.

Natural Stone Tiled Flooring

If the country style may be your aim for the tone of your kitchen, you can incorporate a clean aesthetic with paler shades and lighter flooring. This option is ideal if your kitchen is of modest size and you are looking to give the illusion of more space with an airy feel.

Using our Ca’ Pietra floor tiles, particularly the Blenheim Porcelain tiles, you could implement seamless and sleek flooring, maximising the space whilst still achieving the cosy appeal of a country-style kitchen.

Choosing our porcelain tiled flooring provides an easy-to-maintain floor, ideal if you have a busy household, as it offers an excellent design for modern living and traditional family values. We have seen a tremendous increase in this style choice from interior designers, providing homeowners with a beautiful kitchen they can enjoy for many years.

Mix Country With Contemporary

Settling on a country style does not mean you cannot add a modern touch to your kitchen. Even if you are unsure due to having a more modest size kitchen, the addition of lighter walls helps to utilise the natural light to provide the impression of a much larger space. Combine the two ideas with sleek dark units, traditional terracotta flooring and bright and airy walls to offer a unique and stylish space.

The contrast of colours provides the modernisation of a classic style and gives your kitchen a timeless appeal that will never fail to impress visitors. If you wish to apply this look to your kitchen, we have beautiful terracotta parquet floor tiles, which offer you the first step to an elegant new kitchen. These tiles are also an excellent addition to a chic industrial-style kitchen and offer tremendous flexibility.

Get Wood Without the Wear

Of course, nothing quite says country without the addition of natural-looking wood within a kitchen. Unfortunately, although installing natural wood could offer that cottage-like appeal, it succumbs to damage reasonably quickly. If you have a kitchen which is well used, you may find the maintenance of wooden flooring fairly demanding, and usually, it will look tired very quickly.

With modern living, the treatment and costs associated with natural wood can provide a challenge for busy homeowners, but there is an excellent solution to this. As an alternative, our wood effect ceramic kitchen tiles give you the beauty that wood presents in a kitchen, with the durability of a more robust material. With no need to treat regularly, you can easily keep on top of the dirt and stains, as you would with any of your other tile installations. Get the wooden look with tile practicality from our stunning ceramic kitchen tiles.

Bright and Airy Cosy Country

Whilst the flooring choice can be an imperative factor in setting the tone of your country-style kitchen, other areas to consider are the walls and backsplashes. If you feel like your kitchen is unable to cope with darker shades and natural tones, choosing a white colour palette with lighter wood can open up the space in your kitchen by reflecting the natural light available.

The complimentary wall tiles can help tie in the country style well. As Ca’ Pietra stockists, we have a vast array of brick-style white tiles that will make the perfect addition to your kitchen and provide you with that desired countryside feel.

Slate, Sleek and Stylish

Suppose you find the rustic aesthetic appealing. In that case, featuring slate within your kitchen designs is an ideal style choice. Slate offers a natural addition to your home and another great way to modernise the country style.

You could choose to showcase them on the walls to offer a homely tone to your kitchen, or installing them as your flooring as an alternative over wood and laminated floors.

Slate can be a breakable material and, therefore, could be an unwise choice for a high-traffic room such as the kitchen. Luckily we have a great selection of original style kitchen tiles online, which offer a great alternative whilst still achieving that rustic style slate provides.

Getting the Style with Tile and Stone Online

Getting the country style can be achieved beautifully with the right tile. Whilst country kitchens are often paired with the images of natural wood, choosing tiles can still achieve the same outcome. However, they offer much more versatility and durability, ideal for the kitchen, which sees the most traffic than any other room in the home.

As online tile suppliers, we understand that getting the right look in your home is essential. To help you make the right decision, we offer free tile samples which help you to match them against your existing fixtures and fittings. Check out our full range of Winchester tiles, or contact us directly if you struggle to find the perfect tile for your home. Our lovely staff will be sure to help with excellent recommendations.

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