Top 5 Most Durable Tiles for Kitchens Floors

Top 5 Most Durable Tiles for Kitchens Floors

The kitchen is often the busiest room in the home. It is a room which may see the scraping of chairs as the family comes together for the evening meal, the odd egg which rolls its way off the side or even the sight of muddy footprints from a leisurely walk in the countryside. The kitchen can see a lot.

For this reason, you will need flooring that can keep up with the business of family life whilst remaining as beautiful as the day you install them. At Tile and Stone online, we have a great collection of tiles that will help keep your kitchen looking beautiful throughout the years with little maintenance needed. We have chosen five best-rated tiles for durability within our Ca Pietra tiles and our beautiful Original Style tiles.

1. Salcombe Seasoned Sandstone

Dark shades are perfect for hiding marks and dust in busy modern homes. Even though they are often avoided due to their harsh tones, they can offer significant advantages within homes. Our Salcombe Seasoned Sandstone tiles provide a strong base to build your room. It offers the room an anchor for its design and could even add a touch of drama. Dark colours are known for remaining as timeless as a little black dress, so if your space can embrace this beautiful tile, we highly recommend it as one of the most durable floor tiles to provide your home. It can be teamed with a range of green plants to help lift the natural tones within the tile. Alternatively, paint with brilliant white to give your home a contemporary aesthetic.

Get the look – Ca Pietra Salcombe Seasoned Sandstone 60x random length

2. Dorchester Tumbled Sandstone

Sandstone is a great tile for durability that will stand the test of time, which is why our Dorchester Tumbled Sandstone is second on our list. This tile offers the perfect rustic and authentic appeal with its ivory shade and perfect imperfections, which exaggerate its natural construct. These tiles can easily be paired with various colours and tones and create an illusion of space within your home due to their light shades. Each tile is unique in pattern, which means that no matter how you use these stunning floor tiles, there will be no interior design identical to yours. Another advantage of these natural tiles is that although they are predicted to last for many decades, should the worst happen and a replacement is needed, there would be no worry about finding an exact match.

Get the look – Ca Pietra Dorchester Tumbled Sandstone 56x Random

3. Palazzo Marble Honed

There’s a clear theme for finding durability within tiles: natural stone. It’s been proven for centuries that natural stone offers the best performance over time and our Palazzo Marble Honed tiles are no different. They offer seamless depth and texture and are flexible to use in most rooms. With its antique white background and almost emerald green highlights, these tiles will add flair and elegance to your flooring whilst lasting for years. You could choose to extract the visible green shades with your wall colour choice or allow it to be a stand-alone statement. However you choose to showcase these stunning tiles, you can be sure they will be the most opulent addition to any space. It would also look good paired with black accent features or gold splashes within furniture, fixtures and fittings.

Get the look – Ca Pietra Palazzo Marble Honed 40.6x61cm

4. Earthworks Greyfriars Abbey

These simple, rustic, but classical tiles will elevate the style in any home. Taking inspiration from historic buildings, these limestone tiles offer a dramatic injection to hallways, kitchens and much more as part of a resilient flooring choice. They provide a rustic appeal with down-tumbled pieces to appear aged and part of some iconic place in history. It can be paired with a myriad of colours and materials alike to offer the perfect style and interior design in various rooms. It can successfully add texture to your room through too many intricate patterns and business which may come with overpowering designs.

Get the look – Original Style Earthworks Greyfriars Abbey Limestone

5. Earthworks Levantine Ivory Unfilled and Tumbled Travertine

Another from the Earthworks collection is this stunning natural stone. Levantine Ivory’s subtlety is an effect of tumbling. After being quarried and cut, the pieces are processed by tumbling water, sand and stone against stone, much like nature but quicker, creating a very authentic pattern that will remain intact for many years. This beige is also a great way to add character without too much bold colour or pattern, which can often feel very overpowering, particularly in smaller areas, making them very flexible tiles. In addition, much like any natural tile, these will offer various patterns and shades, making them a beautiful asset to any home.

Get the look – Original Style Earthworks Levantine Ivory Unfilled and Tumbled Travertine

Finding Your Next Floor Tile with Tile and Stone Online

We know that when it comes to finding a durable floor, you want something desirable and robust, especially if you plan to use them in areas of your home that will see much traffic, such as the kitchen. Natural tiles are always your best option when looking for a tile that will last. They have been used for centuries to pave the way for many a lord or king.

As an online tile supplier, we have a vast collection of natural stone tiles which offer the timeless but robust appeal most homes would benefit from. So when it comes to finding your new tiles, take a look through our many products; we are sure you will find one to fall in love with.

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