Which Tile Size Is Right For Your Space?

Which Tile Size Is Right For Your Space?

Tiling a room is a big commitment and requires a lot of planning. Whether you are choosing to tile a wall, a floor or something more unusual, there are decisions vital to your space. Picking a colour scheme for your room may seem straightforward. However, with the constantly changing trends and the popularity of statement walls reflecting homeowners’ personalities, it can be difficult to agree on, especially if there is more than one opinion on the table.

Choosing your size should be a decision as important as the colour. At Tile and Stone Online, we understand the time and thought it needs to pick the perfect colours and patterns, but one thing you may not have considered is the size of the tile and its effect on your room. The size of a tile can change the whole dynamics of space for better or worse.

What Sizes Are There? Being online tile suppliers, we stock a vast selection of tile sizes, from the most petite mosaic patterns in a 30x30cm pre-set square to our large format Ca’ Pietra floor tiles at 60x90cm. The size of each tile will depend on the design and intended use. Suppose you adore our Carrara Mosaic tiles; they look beautiful but wouldn’t quite suit being installed for flooring, especially in heavy-duty areas. Still, they could make an ideal border to add luxurious style to your space in a room such as a bathroom. So whether you are looking for small tiles or large, we will have a size to fit your needs.

Ideal Size Tiles for Bathrooms

The bathroom is the most common place for tiling; ensuring you have the correct size of tile can be challenging to figure out. An essential factor that should be considered is the overall size of your bathroom. If you have a relatively small room, adding small tiles can make the space feel even smaller and, depending on the colour, could feel very claustrophobic. Whereas our Grespania Icaria bathroom tiles could add a natural and elegant aesthetic to your space. Using a matching tile grout could also make your room feel much larger.

If your bathroom is already spacious, the options are much more unlimited. In a larger room, you could section areas of your bathroom, such as your shower or bath, with a simpler tile and a beautiful contrasting border. Using Original Style wall tiles, you can continue the contrasting colours through to the wall and tie all your colour schemes in a beautiful and sophisticated way.

Ideal Size Tiles for Kitchens

Much like the bathroom, it will all depend on the size of your kitchen as to whether it will need small or large profile tiles. In the kitchen, however, tiling is often a statement choice, unlike in the bathroom, where it is often a more practical option.

By making a statement with your tiles, you can afford to be more creative and choose multiple sizes. Our beautiful colours from the Winchester Residence tiles, which are just 13cm square, would make the ideal size for a statement splashback.

Using large profile tiles for a splashback removes the ability to showcase your beautiful new tiles, and their weight may not be ideal, especially for partition walls. However, using them to add class and elegance to your floor offers an excellent alternative. Our Ca’ Pietra Chelsea porcelain tiles can do just that. Their shine and marble pattern can heighten the style of any room.

Tile Sizes Ideal for Hallways

Offering your hallway floor the practicalities of a tile can keep them cleaner and easier to maintain. With the robust nature of tiles, they can provide a longer-lasting solution instead of carpet or wood flooring. However, we have a solution if you can’t quite bring yourself to disregard the wooden look through your home. We offer a range of wood effect floor tiles which can provide the beautiful tone of wood, whilst offering the practicalities of a tile’s hardwearing nature. Our wooden effect tiles come in 20x120CM, much like laminated wood. Although these may sound rather long, once fitted, they will look like any other wooden floor without joins; making them an ideal solution for your hallway.

When choosing the size of your tile, you can afford to be imaginative within your hallways and entrances. Often people will use them to create a statement for any guests to offer that WOW factor on arrival. Others may consider using larger tiles to open up the space.

Using large profile tiles throughout the downstairs of your property can offer a sense of flow throughout your home. If you want to add a bold style to your entrance or hallway, our Original Style wall tiles have various metallic and gloss-finished mosaics which can provide a colourful and daring impact within your home.

When finding the right size tile, you can use them to adjust the feel and size of the room or mix the dimensions to create bold and stunning designs for your walls and floors. However you decide to use size throughout your tiling, be sure to get your tiles from the leader in online tile suppliers. We also offer free samples to help you make the right choice for your home.

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