Victorian-Style Bathroom Ideas

Victorian-Style Bathroom Ideas

The Victorian interior design choice is a popular one for many homeowners. The style is often known for intricate detailing, which can offer a luxury appeal to any home whilst remaining durable throughout the years. It offers your home a quaint appeal whilst holding a historical significance and works really well in more traditional style homes, which may already showcase the Victorian period within its features.

As an online tile supplier, we have a great selection of tiles explicitly designed for this style of décor. However, many other of our tiles could also be used to help create a Victorian style within a bathroom, so join us as we explore the many ways you can add a timeless aesthetic to your bathroom.

Monochrome Style Victorian Tiles

One of the simplest ways to achieve the Victorian style in your bedroom is by using monochrome tiles. Unfortunately, the biggest mistake many people make when installing this style within their bathrooms is using bright white tiles to contrast with a deep black. Although this can provide a contemporary tone to the space, it doesn’t fully achieve the Victorian look. If you want this style with monochrome, opt for creams, antique white shades and matt blacks or dark grey shades such as charcoal. This tiling option is a great way to get a Victorian bathroom within your home without replacing the bathroom suite.

So, if you are looking for a timeless and classical look for your home without a total refurbishment, consider this low-maintenance option for your flooring, which could even be extended to the walls. You could also design these tiles to suit your bathroom needs. For example, if you have a relatively small bathroom, you may wish to extend more of the cream and white shades throughout your wall, whereas if you have a more generous space, you could consider a black border going around the room to install the style further.

Victorian Bathroom Suites

If your bathroom furniture doesn’t quite fit the Victorian aesthetic of your bathroom, it may be time to make a replacement. Stand-alone baths are becoming the number one choice for bathrooms, which can fit perfectly with a Victorian-style bathroom. They offer a timeless addition to your bathroom. Several variations of the Victorian bath include sloped and dipped sides. However, the main features which generally fit the Victorian style are the roll-top lip, antique-style mixer taps and four claw feet. In times gone by, they have been made from brass or wrought iron, but today you can get them in much cheaper and lighter-weight options to suit a more modern appeal.

Although the bath is usually the item most homeowners decide to change to add a touch of Victorian elegance to their bathroom, there are many other features you could also change to continue the style within your entire suite. The sink is often the easiest to change, which can easily be done on a budget. You could pick up an old-fashioned side table or drawer unit and, using some innovative thinking, could cut out the space of your current sink and place the unit to surround it. This can also help increase storage facilities in your bathroom and provides a unique charm to your bathroom. Another option is to replace the toilet. You could choose many styles and variations of toilets to fit your Victorian-style bathroom. However, typically a Victorian-style toilet will consist of an elevated cistern and a pull handle to operate, but this often doesn’t always suit every home, so choosing a more antique and classical toilet design may be a better option for your home.

The Victorian Style with Colour

Although the most popular way to add a traditional tone to your bathroom with a Victorian theme is with the use of monochrome, there are many ways to enjoy this style with some stunning colour choices. The usual colour choices for this style are dark shades such as deep greens, reds and purple. However, this shouldn’t mean you should consider this if you are looking to avoid dark colours in your space. For example, paler shades of greens and reds could work beautifully when paired with cream shades.

Adding a simple bit of colour into your design can offer a true statement piece to your home and give every guest to your toilet the wow factor. You can be as subtle or as bold as you wish to be. For example, our range of Original Style Artworks wall tiles can give your home a pop of colour or be a signature wall across your bathroom and would look beautiful as part of the victorian theme you may be considering for your space.

Florals for Beauty

Flower décor has been around for centuries, dipping in and out of fashion, but when done within a Victorian style can offer a timeless style for a bathroom that will always be in trend. If contemporary is not a style you want to combine with your interior design choices, then the alternative option is offering a more traditional style with florals. For example, our Living Arbour Blossom collection within our Original Style tiles range will add subtle but beautiful flower patterns to your bedroom without being too overpowering and is consistent in colour to help you match the décor with other blue shades you may already have.

If flowers are also not your pattern of choice, don’t worry; our Victorian tiles have a complete range of patterns, styles, colours and designs to help you find the one that fits your bathroom. Essentially, the Victorian style can be achieved with several geometric designs and floral patterns, so we can be sure that one suits your preference.

Get Your Tiles with Tile and Stone Online

When it comes to finding the perfect tile for your home, it can be a difficult decision to make. Tiles are not just a décor piece but an investment for your home. This is because tiles can last for decades, unlike other decoration choices and remain as beautiful as the day they were installed. So, choosing the tile to last for decades is an important decision. For this reason, we offer a free tile service, where you can receive a sample of you’re the tiles you wish to install to help you be sure that it is the right decision for you. Take a look through our entire tiles online today, and let us inspire your next renovation project. We really do have a tile for everyone.

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