Popular Tile Trends in 2023

Popular Tile Trends in 2023

If you’re looking to update your home’s interior design this year, you may want to consider incorporating the latest tile trends into your decor. From bold geometric patterns to earthy tones and natural textures, this year’s popular tile trends offer a range of options for homeowners and designers alike.

As an expert in all things tiles, we’ll look at some of the most popular tile trends of the year so far and how you can incorporate them into your home’s design. Whether you’re renovating a bathroom, kitchen, or living space, the right tile can add a beautiful and functional element to your home.

Tiles Which Blend Outdoor and Indoor Spaces

One significant trend in interior design is blurring the lines between outdoor and indoor spaces. As we look to healthier living, more homeowners are embracing nature by tiling their ground floor spaces with the same beautiful tiles they have used for patios and terraces. This helps to alleviate the separation of the two areas and creates a natural flow through the home. Often, this is achieved with heavy-duty floor tiles, which take a grey concrete appearance. Still, for a more spa-like aesthetic, you could consider using natural stone tiles such as our collection of Ca Pietra tiles, Particularly their range of National Trust tiles.

Get the look –  Aneto grey anti-slip porcelain tile

Large Format Tiles

These kinds of tiles are usually significantly larger than most tiles. Often they are named XL tiles, but within the tile industry, they are referred to as large format. There are so many benefits to large format tiles, particularly for more spacious areas. They also add significant benefits in expanding on perceived space, working well on both floors and walls. However, many homeowners have embraced these larger tiles to make a statement even in their smaller rooms. As mentioned above, natural stone seems to be a prevalent choice, but we have also seen the use of large-format marble tiles, which really do provide a stunning feature to any sized room.

Get the look – Original Style – Earthworks – St Vallier Tumbled Limestone

Textured Tiles

Adding texture to a room can be the perfect way to elevate it with a sense of personality and depth. It has been a rising trend within interior design so far this year, and we can see why. This style can be as bold or subtle as you choose to make it, yet it provides stylish and personal customisation despite what you choose. For example, within our range of Porcelanosa tiles, the Tribal Pearl White offers a stunning reflective quality whilst adding layers to the room instead. These can be used to separate areas of the room, reduce large ceilings for an added cosy tone or simply just glimmer in elegance. Alternatively, many other tiles offer more subtle texture if you are not a fan of bold and glimmer designs.

Get the look – Porcelanosa Mosaico Rodano Caliza

Onyx Style

The onyx style uses a type of natural stone known for its striking appearance and translucent quality. However, as more homeowners seek elegance in their interior design, we are seeing these tiles more often, particularly in bathrooms. In interior design, an onyx aesthetic can create a sense of drama and sophistication. For example, a large onyx slab can be used as a statement piece for a kitchen island or a bathroom vanity. These tiles can offer your space a serious upgrade and, when paired with the correct lighting, could add beautiful visual effects to your room. If you are looking for the onyx effect, take a look through our collection of Grespania tiles. Their marble collection will help you achieve this unique look with ease.

Get the look – Grespania San Remo Marble-effect tile

Unique Colour Pairing

This year colour seems to be making a comeback from the clean and sleek grey and white aesthetic. We have previously mentioned that we expected brown to be a popular tile trend in 2023, but colours seem to be making a statement in general. In particular unique colour matching previously may have been avoided. Adding in colour can help reflect your personality within your décor choices and offers a stunning feature in various rooms. It can be bold if you prefer a bright interior, or you could choose something a little less garish but still as beautiful. Luckily we have a vast collection of wall tiles that could help inspire a style that reflects exactly who you are within your home.

Pastel Colours

Following and incorporating the above trend, pastels have also become common within tile choices this year. In the early 18th century in France, the Rococo style, which favoured sensuous, pretty design across interiors and clothing, made pastel tones extremely popular among the wealthy classes. This style is being replicated by many homeowners once again. Stunning pink and green shades can add a subtle but elegant appearance to both kitchens and bathrooms, even hallways could benefit from this upgrade, and as a tile supplier online, we are thrilled by this beautiful transition from sleeker and sharper interior choices.

Get the look – Ca Pietra Cabana Flamingo Tree Porcelain

Zellige Tiles

Zellige tiles are a type of glazed terracotta tile that originated in Morocco. They are handmade using traditional techniques and are known for their unique texture and irregular appearance. However, they are becoming a favourite amongst interior designers this year due to their unique appearance and glossy finish. They can provide a modest appearance and reflect natural; light beautifully without feeling too clinical. They come in a range of stunning colours to help customise your space to how you would prefer. Our favourite use for these tiles is within showers, as these spaces can be claustrophobic and dark. Still, due to the uneven glossed surface of these tiles, the natural light reflects in various ways, making the area much larger and spacious.

Get the look – Winchester Residence Metropolitan Blossom field tile

Get the Tiles You Love with Tile and Stone Online

This year’s popular tile trends offer a range of options for homeowners and designers to create a beautiful and functional space. Whether you’re looking for bold patterns, earthy tones, or natural textures, there is a tile that will suit your design vision. If you’re ready to start your tile project, we can help you find the right tile for your space. Our wide range of tile options, exceptional customer service, and expert guidance make us the go-to choice for homeowners and designers alike.

Plus, we offer free tile samples so you can see and feel the tiles in your home before purchasing. This ensures you get the perfect tile for your project and can be confident in your choice.

So, what are you waiting for? Create the space of your dreams with the latest tile trends and the expertise of Tile and Stone Online.

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