What Are Original Style Tiles?

What Are Original Style Tiles?

We work with various brands here at Tile and Stone, but we must admit, we have a few favourites. One of our particular favourites is our Original Style Collection. With so much variety from the brand, they will always be sure to have a tile designed for your home to look beautiful.

They offer tiles to suit all kinds of styles, from contemporary and modern, unique and bold to classic and traditional. With such a broad scope of designs, it’s one of the reasons we have decided to showcase their range.

As a company whose initial aim was to create stunning pieces for fireplaces in 1986, it soon became apparent to them that tiles were being used throughout much more than what they were initially intended for. Thus began the expansion to create incredible tiles for use throughout the home.

Keeping the Kitchen Kempt

One of the biggest advantages of tiles is their low maintenance requirements and, unlike wallpaper and paint, will last for decades, making the installation of tiles an investment as well as a décor choice. This reason makes it an ideal choice for decorating your kitchen. As your home’s busiest room, the kitchen is subjected to spills, stains and more traffic than any other room. Having tiles as part of your décor choice allows for keeping the heart of your home clean with ease.

We stock a stunning selection oof Original Style Glasswork kitchen tiles, which could offer a stylish and modern aesthetic to your home and will stand the test of time, particularly their Amalthea tiles. This tile is ideal for more modest kitchens as the glass will reflect any natural light available, expanding on the perceived space. With this frosted glass tile, you can give your kitchen the sparkle and shine it deserves every day.

Beautiful Bathrooms with Bihar Mosaic

As an Original Style tile stockist, we know the impact their tiles can have within a home, and their Bihar Mosaic Original Style tiles can do just that. Introducing some abstract and floral designs to your bathroom can provide it with that statement appeal that will have every guest amazed and impressed.

The advantage of mosaics is they can be flexible and fit around most shapes of rooms. This intricate detail can offer a vast range of uses even outside of the bathroom, including as a border to split larger profile tiles or even showcase particular areas of interest in your room.

Suppose this design feels a little too bold for your liking. In that case, we stock various Original Style Mosaic tiles to suit all tastes and styles, including the more subtle and elegant Original Style Caspar Mosaic. These offer a beautiful mix of whites and greys, creating a simple yet eloquent tone to a room and would suit bathrooms with white fixtures and fittings. Whatever your bathroom style is, you can be sure that there are Original Style Bathroom tiles which will look beautiful in your space.

Brighten Up Your Walls with Original Style

Being a sizeable online tile supplier, we like to make sure we offer a variety of tile styles to suit every home aesthetic, and with Original Style tiles, you can do just that. As part of their Original Style Artworks Collection, they offer a beautiful selection of bright and simple tiles that can provide elegance or creativity to any home.

You could choose to mix and match their unique colours to create a fun and playful dynamic, or with their more neutral shades, you could heighten the class of the tone of a room. These tiles play well as splashbacks in the kitchen to tie in colours or provide a traditional cottage-style feel.

This collection has much potential to set precedents however you choose, and the right colour can appeal to your style and tone set by the rest of your home. You could even pair them with some mosaic tiles to create a unique style giving your home a distinct personality unmatched by other houses. In addition, with coloured grout, you could be sure they will stand out as a statement piece.

Flooring Made Easy With Original Style

Making the switch from carpet to tiles can be a real eye-opener to how much dust and dirt can accumulate, which you don’t see with carpet due to it absorbing and trapping the dirt. Tiled flooring offers many benefits to a home above other flooring options, and Original Style has a range of attractive options to consider when replacing your flooring throughout your home.

If you are considering the country-style aesthetic for your home, albeit lounge, kitchen or hallway, then Original Style Earthwork tiles can provide a durable and stunning appeal. This natural tone can open up smaller spaces and provide the ideal material for high-traffic areas with a much easier cleaning regime required. They can also offer beautiful splashbacks for kitchens to tie in that feel of nature for a more organic aesthetic.

Home Improvements with Original Style

As a reliable tile seller, we only provide products which are of high quality and beauty. Original Style only sells its products through a network of stockists, and we proudly offer their collection at incredible prices. If you like the look of any of our Original style tiles, Winchester tiles, or others, you can order them online. Alternatively, if you are stuck on finding the perfect tile for you, feel free to contact our helpful staff.

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