Tile Trends for 2023

Tile Trends for 2023

Last year we saw a variety of tile trends for 2022, including Terrazzo and Japandi. However, as we enter 2023, there has been a big shift in interior design appeal, and we are excited to see some returning trends that we have not seen for many years.

As online tile suppliers, we explore growing tiles trends for domestic homes. We will highlight how you can use our collection of high-quality tiles to be some of the first to join the revelation some of these beautiful tile choices offer to your home.

A Warm Start to the Year

In previous years we have seen minimalistic and clean aesthetics, with greys and monochrome colours present among many interior design trends. However, as we enter 2023, we see a shift into more inviting shades and warm colours. As an online tile supplier, we look forward to this trend taking off this year. It allows for a much cosier tone to rooms and can provide many opportunities to bring a sense of personality into your home.

If you are looking to offer a warm welcome into your home with the help of tiles, we have an excellent range of beautiful high-quality tiles which would work perfectly for this. For instance, our Brompton Clarence Porcelain tiles which are part of our Ca Pietra tiles collection, offer a retro warmth to any space, whether in a kitchen as part of your splashback or to capture their traditional style within a countryside bathroom aesthetic. These tiles are incredibly versatile and would offer a beautiful addition to any space in your home.

Embrace the Nature of Wood Effect Tiles

As an expansion of the warm colour making a statement in 2023, the popularity of wood tones in homes is making a comeback. This trend appeared back in the 2010s as part of the popular modern farmhouse interior design style. We must admit, whilst slightly dubious about returning trends, we can see why this style of interior design has returned.

In 2023 we imagine there will be much more emphasis on natural living and embracing the environment and sustainable living. So what better way than embracing some of nature’s finest materials – wood? Although wood is a beautiful material to use as part of your interior design, it can be a challenge to maintain. We highly recommend considering our wooden effect tiles if you want to use this trend in your home. These are the perfect way to embrace nature’s beauty without the upkeep of natural materials, especially within moist environments such as kitchens and bathrooms. Our Woodmania Musk Wood effect porcelain tiles are a great way to get the modern, warm wood effect without much upkeep.

Grandma’s Upgraded Floral

Floral patterns have long been associated with grandma’s living rooms nationwide. Floral patterns were a big trend in the 19th and 18th centuries and, even in the 90s were popular with the older generation, which is where it gets its association. Whilst they attempted a comeback in the mid 2010s within interior designs in living rooms, they quickly faded to more clean-line aesthetics. However, despite them vanishing from interior designs, over the last few years, there has been a comeback of floral designs in fashion, and we are now seeing it return within the interior trends of 2023.

Although you may not feel the urge to decorate your walls with vibrant flowers, there are many ways to achieve this style with a modern twist. The likes of our Ca Pietra Brick Lane Hanbury Street tiles incorporate both contemporary with traditional within their patterns and offer a beautiful flower effect with vibrant, bold shades with intricate detail. These would make a stunning statement piece within busy areas of your home, such as kitchens and hallways. Using them to tile one area could separate large spaces or elongate your hallways with light plain ceilings and flooring colour choices.

Royal Statements with Bold Marble Choices

Although marble has been a common natural stone tile choice for many years, this year, we have started to see marble being used much more boldly and standing as a statement piece rather than complimenting tones and colours. As mentioned above, we have seen this tying into warm colours becoming more popular in homes.

We have an excellent selection of marble tiles within our Grespania floor tiles which would look stunning as part of your bathroom renovations. Using coloured marble allows you to easily create a luxurious tone for spaces such as bathrooms. The detail in the marble helps to add depth and texture to any room without over-complex patterns, and with each natural stone tile being unique in print, you can be sure that your home has an exceptional design that can’t be matched.

Finding the Right Tile with Tile and Stone Online

We understand the importance of finding the right design for each home. Your interior design choices should reflect your home’s personality, so we stock a vast range of tiles to suit every aesthetic. Tiles can last for over 60 years when cared for, so ensuring you choose wisely is essential. Get planning your next tile installation with one of our beautiful tile collections! We also offer FREE tile samples to help you make the right choice the first time and prevent buyer’s remorse after installation. All our high-quality tiles can be purchased directly online, so what are you waiting for?

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