Spotlight On: Encaustic Tiles

Ca’ Pietra Aruba Patterned Encaustic Tile

Spotlight On: Encaustic Tiles

At Tile and Stone Online, we can provide you with a vast range of tiles to suit any design choice. If you’re looking to create a rustic, traditional look in your home or if you prefer a more modern, contemporary style, we will have a tile for your floors and walls to suit your needs.

Today, we’re turning the spotlight on our range of Encaustic Tiles. These tiles can add a touch of traditional charm to your space with their geometric and intricate patterns and bring a classic twist to a contemporary look.

Encaustic TilesWhat are Encaustic Tiles?

Encaustic tiles are ceramic tiles that use different colours of clay to create a pattern on the surface. The colours used typically range from two to six and are inlaid into the body of the tile.

They were first named Encaustic Tiles in the Victorian era, as they believed that the two-colour tiles resembled enamel work. So they became encaustic, even though this is technically linguistically incorrect.

These tiles were popular from the 13th century to the 16th century. They then experienced a revival in the Gothic Revival era in the 18th and 19th century when they were mass-produced for the public. In modern times, the tiles are made using a two-shot moulding process where the coloured clay is placed face-down in a mould that is backfilled with the body colour before the tiles are fired.

The tiles can be found extensively in churches all across Europe and North America but especially prevalent in England. Even the kinds found in private homes are often inspired by the styles found in religious settings.

Ways to Use Encaustic Tiles

Encaustic Tiles feature beautiful, busy designs that can add a sophisticated edge to a space. These tiles are ideal for entrances and hallways, providing a visually stunning look that will impress the moment visitors arrive. When paired with neutral or simple wallpaper and minimalist furnishings, this stark contrast will pack a powerful visual punch.

Geometric patterns are a beloved style that will add class to any home. They make a great, colourful addition to bathrooms, adding a wonderful contrast to a minimalist, white bathroom fixtures. Kitchens can also benefit from Encaustic tiles, adding high impact to the space; an excellent choice for splashbacks, forming a unique focal point in the kitchen.

Encaustic Tiles from Tile and Stone Online

At Tile and Stone Online, we have a wide range of Encaustic Tiles in our Ca’ Pietra range, such as the following:

Ca’ Pietra Cordoba Patterned Encaustic Tile

The playful design of the Ca’ Pietra Cordoba Patterned Encaustic Tile combines both feminine chic and a retro aesthetic. With teal floral shapes and geometric stars, these subtle yet beautiful tiles can find a home in any room of a house, for either walls or floors.

Ca’ Pietra Atlas Soft Grey patterned Encaustic tile

The bold monochrome palette of the Ca’ Pietra Atlas Soft Grey patterned Encaustic Tile is offset by the delicate feminine pattern. The elaborate floral swirls on these tiles make for a striking floor or wall for your home. When paired with a darker border of tiles, this style can make a truly stunning visual display in the home.

Ca’ Pietra Atlas Soft Grey patterned Encaustic tileCa’ Pietra Aruba Patterned Encaustic Tile

The striking Ca’ Pietra Aruba Patterned Encaustic Tile combines geometric graphics in greys and blues to provide the ideal tile for contemporary interiors. Thanks to its three-dimensional pattern, it can add real character to a space with its bold use of colours and intricate design.

Ca’ Pietra Aruba Patterned Encaustic TileCa’ Pietra Statement Salisbury Encaustic Tile

Inspired by Moorish architecture, the Ca’ Pietra Statement Salisbury Encaustic Tile can add an exotic touch to your home to help reflect the light and sun all year round, giving the space a healthy glow. The burnt orange and yellow colours combine with a touch of green to make the tile a beautiful, colourful addition to any space, and would be right at home in a bathroom environment.

Ca’ Pietra Statement Salisbury Encaustic TileWe hope you’ve enjoyed a brief look at our beautiful range of Encaustic Tiles. If you’d like to see more of our range, feel free to browse our site for all the wall and floor tile options we have available.

At Tile and Stone Online, we are expert online tile suppliers that can provide you with an unbeatable range of tiles to suit all your home improvement needs, whether it’s for floors, walls, kitchens, bathrooms and much more. Contact us today for more information.

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