Modern Bathroom Ideas With Ca Pietra

Modern Bathroom Ideas With Ca Pietra

Ca Pietra is one of our more popular ranges and, if we are being honest, one of our favourites. They offer a vast selection of colours, patterns, shapes and styles and make perfect additions to any home. Whether you’re looking for grand statements or subtle shades, there’s a Ca Pietra tile to fall in love with.

We explore the range and how you can incorporate some of their tiles to create a showstopping modern bathroom in your home.

Seductive Spa-Style Modern Bathrooms

A bathroom should be a tranquil space of relaxation. It’s usually the only room in the home without technology, and switching off from daily stresses should be the aim. Of course, nothing feels more relaxing than a trip to the spa, so why not incorporate this into your home? Using large-format marble-style tiles and keeping everything white, you could get a journey to the spa every day of the week.

Marble tiles are known for being luxurious, and that’s precisely how you want your bathroom to feel. You may think that installing an entirely white bathroom may look rather clinical, but with the subtle patterns in marble and using various tile styles, you can still add warmth to your space. Lighting can also help ensure you keep away from the medicinal tone. When it comes to white tiles in a home, you should always look for warm or soft lighting as opposed to cool, as this can bring a homely glow to your white. To get this look with our Ca Pitra tiles, try using the Magnifique Statuario Polished Porcelain range, which can offer that stunning effect in any spa-style bathroom.

Going With the Grey

Grey has been a popular colour for many years, and for a good reason. As a neutral colour, grey offers the perfect base to style with an array of colours and aesthetics. Very much like we have seen over the years with white, grey can fit every room and pair beautifully with any colour. For this reason, it makes the perfect tile for your bathroom. A grey base can last for many years and offer flexibility as your tastes change with various new colour trends and styles.

For a modern approach with grey tiles, it will all depend on the size of your bathroom. A modest-sized room can’t afford too much darkness, so a lighter shade of tile would work perfectly with matte black fixtures and fittings. Our Ca Pietra Medina Brick Latte Matt Porcelain tiles could do this seamlessly and make the room feel modern, spacious and chic. Add a dash of colour with a potted aloe vera plant, and you can easily have the perfect modern bathroom. To add more personality and depth to grey, you could pair it with a selection of woods to give your bathroom volume and style.

Mighty Strength With Modern Industrial

There’s no denying that having a bathroom with a modern industrial style can provide strength and energy. If this is an aesthetic you want to try, you must stay powerful with your colours, for example, blacks, browns and khaki. Any other colour could soften it, reducing the impact you’re trying to make. However, this style must be used with caution, especially in smaller bathrooms, as too much darkness can make the room feel relatively confined.

Making use of as much natural light as possible and larger format tiles can help reduce the feeling of claustrophobia and create a very powerful statement bathroom. Contrast the browns and blacks to add depth to your room. If you’d like to add a pop of colour, keep it dark and use it for accessories and not as a base colour, to keep within the theme. Wooden floors are also the best way to achieve this look. However, as wood doesn’t do well in moist rooms, consider using our Ca Pietra Sussex Porcelain Tobacco Wood-effect tile. It’s the perfect way to achieve the wooden look without the high maintenance which comes with the material.

Bold, Bright and Beautiful

Modern décor is all about letting your personality shine. Above, we’ve seen sleek and powerful. You could be bold and bright with colour, offering your space some fun and creativity. If you’re looking to use bold colours, we recommend avoiding the colour yellow. It often doesn’t look great in bathrooms, but there are plenty of bold, bright tones you could incorporate well.

When choosing a colour for bathrooms, most people gravitate towards blues and greens to provide aquatic aesthetics. However, don’t be scared to go a little braver with the likes of red or pink. We’ve seen an increase in beautiful bathrooms using pink and white. Whichever colour you use, take care not to overdo it. Too much bold colour could be unsightly but go too subtle, and the colour will look washed out. Use contrasting colours to help it stand out and elevate the room. As per the image above, white makes an excellent contrast for most colours and can reflect more natural light, giving a spacious feel to the room. Our range of Ca Pietra Lily Pad tiles can offer statement walls and floors elegantly.

Get the Right Tile for Your Modern Bathroom

With hundreds of tiles to choose from, you can guarantee there is a tile to suit your home. As online tile suppliers, we work hard to ensure that we offer only the best products to our clients. We love the Ca Pietra range, not only for its beauty but for the quality of each tile. When you install these stunning tiles, you can rely on them; they will last for decades to come.

If you’re struggling to find the perfect tile for your next renovation project, take a look through our website, we have lots of images to inspire and amaze. Don’t forget we also offer free tile samples to help you make the right decision. A tile is not just a décor choice; it’s an investment for your home, so make the right one with the help of Ca’Pietra tiles.

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