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Grespania Loire ceramic wall tile

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In France, there is a region capable of transporting us to one of the most brilliant periods in Europe, the Renaissance. Along the course of the Loire River, between the cities of Nantes, Angers and Tours, in the French countryside, numerous palaces come into view in an area known as the Châteaux of the Loire, also known as the Garden of France.
Natural inspirations, which generate warm spaces that provide light and serenity to large environments such as hotel receptions and spa-type water areas.
The Loire wall tile series with a stone finish comes in 31.5x100cm and 30x60cm formats, and is made up of 4 decorative reliefs: Lille, Rhin, Cher and Vendôme. The colors that accompany the reliefs are gray and sand, both bring light to the room, the main objective of this collection.

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