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Founded in 1976, Grespania have continued their success as a global market leader for the past 40 years with their recent innovation, Grespania Coverlam tiles. This revolutionary, large format tiling range was launched in 2010 following years of extensive research and development concerning lamination process technology. Three factories are equipped with such state of the art technology and processes for the efficient production of the porcelain that is central to Grespania tiles, allowing these uniquely giant-size laminated tiles to be produced as normal, with a slight twist – being reinforced with a 0.5mm glass fibre mesh gives these tiles an incredible strength and durability.

Endless Possibilities with Grespania Coverlam Tiles

With the smallest tile measuring in at a very slimline thickness of 3.5mm, the lightness and versatility of the 100% recyclable Grespania Coverlam tiles makes them a popular choice for architectural and construction projects. Offering innovation in the field of interior design, the compact nature of these tiles is paired with the mechanical and aesthetic properties of porcelain. Grespania wall tiles and floor tiles alike can withstand the demand of long and heavy traffic, so why not utilise them as bathroom tiles, or kitchen ones? The durability, large size and reliability further proves their suitability not only to domestic homes, but to public establishments such as restaurants, bars and hospitals too, where no day feels like respite.

For flooring that is fashionable and functional, Tile & Stone stock a range of Grespania tiles that comprise varying specifics; from neutral, earthy hues and natural stone mix textures, to finishes and sizes, there is sure to be an effect for you. If your home is seeking a touch of personality and unique style, the Calacatta Mix Pulido offers a subtle soft grey and white marble effect, often used to cover shower walls in one single and durable sheet of 120x160cm. For a dining room that is easy to clean and maintain as well as being on trend, you may consider the Tempo Anthracite, a dark grey shade available in sizes ranging from 100×50 – 300x100cm.

Aside from possessing the ability to transform the interior or exterior of any space, true beauty can also be found within the efficiency of Grespania Coverlam tiles. With no need to remove existing décor prior to applying these tiles, installation times and costs are kept to a minimum.

Contact Us for Further Information About Grespania Coverlam

If you like what you see within our range of large format Grespania Coverlam tiles for floors and walls and would like to know more about them, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. Simply call us on 01539 741155, email us at, or submit your enquiry to our online contact form. Tile & Stone Online has a dedicated team providing excellent customer service, paired with a reliable delivery service, to complement your luxurious tiles at fantastic prices.