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Ca Pietra Blenheim Porcelain White 60x90cm

£92.46 (per box)

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A wonderfully affordable porcelain, Blenheim forms part of our new House range of stone and wood-effect tiles. Use in your project to produce a seamless surface from hallway to kitchen.

2no tiles per square metre, sold in packs of 3no tiles (1.62m2).

“Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, large format porcelain tiles may be subject to a ‘bow’ along the length of larger tiles (60cm or larger). This slight bowing which will fall within European Standards, can cause ‘lipping’ between one tile and the next. If you wish to minimise this, tiles should be laid square, or staggered by not more than a third of a tile length, rather than laying brick-bond. This will minimise the effect of the bowing on the finished look”.

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Dimensions 600 × 900 mm


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